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Individual & Couples Counselling • Holistic Psychotherapy • Spiritual Life Guidance

If you are suffering from issues such as addiction, anxiety, depression, family issues, grief, self esteem or sexual abuse Spiritbeing Therapy Sydney offers face-to-face individual, couple or family therapy sessions or group therapy sessions.

The therapeutic relationship can create a trusting and safe environment where conscious and unconscious aspects of life, self and other can be explored.

The answers to the meaning of our life can most often be found in our relationships. Our sense of self in relationships with others, our partners, our children, family, friends, colleagues, pets, nature, together with our sense of the spiritual, are what leads us down the path of self discovery. Becoming aware of how others experience us and how we experience others can help us to rediscover our true self.

To get to know yourself, it helps to talk to someone else

Spiritbeing Therapy is facilitated by Su Naseby. She offers holistic counselling and life guidance with an emphasis on creativity, sacredness and human spirituality. Dream analysis, multigenerational mapping, focusing, movement and creative visualisation are some of the techniques that can be explored in therapy sessions. Su is also a SoulCollage® facilitator - www.soulcollage.com
"Su is a very astute and insightful woman and counsellor. My few sessions with her left me with a greater self confidence and understanding that as a woman I am in control of my life. Each week she set me a little task/challenge to work on whatever I was dealing with and I found that especially helpful." Clare, Sydney NSW
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